29 Jul 2010

My Name Day

Today - 29 of July, in Poland, the country I come from, people celebrating the Marta`s name day. Marta in Hebrew means "the lady" in Roman - dedicated to Mars... hmm that sounds interesting....

Some photos from last year.

28 Jul 2010


Some pics from my trip to Luebeck.
I was wearing H&M dress, leggins, sandals, sunglasses, bag (oh my God i should got the fidelity H&M card:) and Bersha parka jacket.

27 Jul 2010

Raindrops falling on my head...

I was chillin on the beach whole afternoon until it started to rain... Sunny weather is gone:((

Wearing H&M Bikini, sandals and hat, random, floral dress.

26 Jul 2010


I spend last weekend at german seaside. I tried local cuisine and just had a great time ever...

Wearing: Levi`s jeans, Zara tee, H&M bag.